Jill Reehl | Founder / Representative

Jill Reehl started her career in the educational system as a Jr. High Music teacher at a public school in Chicago.  After 5 wonderful years, she decided that it was time to take her skills out of the classroom and into a new biz.  Hired by Chicago Music Works as a sales associate, after the first year, she knew it was time to go out on her own and she started Get Reehl in ’98.  Building her business with many talented companies and lots of hard work, she continued to evolve and expanded Get Reehl to the West Coast in ’08.  Her first West Coast employee, Maggie Davis is now a partner in newly re-named Get Reehl/Get Davis since December ’13.  Jill has been Chi-Coastal for the past nine years, loving it and this crazy ad world she gets to play in.  

Extra-curricular activities include but are not limited to - accumulating American Airlines points, mass quantities of live music, cooking, spin master at soul cycle & sipping rose….


Maggie Davis | Partner / Representative

Maggie Davis started her professional career in Toronto, Canada where she worked in production at Radke Films. She came to the business after completing her first Undergraduate degree in Montreal.  She worked at Radke for a number of years, both in the office and on set in the Art Department and Assistant Producing. After a few years in the business she decided to return to school to pursue a second Undergraduate degree in Sociology at NYU, and from there, a Masters degree in Communications at the London School of Economics in London, England.  Maggie then moved to Los Angeles where she worked with Arianna Huffington for a stint, and in PR for Heal the Bay, before returning to advertising and taking a job with Jill Reehl to launch Get Reehl on the West Coast. Maggie and Jill worked together to build the roster on the west coast, and 4 years ago in December Maggie became a partner in the business and together they launched the company as GRGD.  Maggie and Jill have now worked together for 9 years.  On her off time, Maggie enjoys long runs, drawing and painting, cooking, and spending time with her herd of children!


Breanne pace | representative

Breanne Pace, native Californian, started free-lancing in the production department for the KTLA morning show her senior year of high-school. She then Production Assisted in commercial production during her early years.  At 19, she landed as an Assistant Producer at Mdots, a graphic arts company, having the opportunity to work on the NBC and Telemundo Upfronts.  She retuned to commercials as a freelance Production Coordinator, then took a job with Get Reehl/Get Davis six years ago to pursue her interest in sales.  Loving adrenaline, some favorite past times have included sky-diving & the Aids Life Cycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. She does like to have loads of fun while not crossing off her "to do lists" and taming her organizational behavior….activities include heated spinning & yoga, adventures with her doggie Maxwell, finding the best cold brew in town with extra shots of espresso & raising awareness/advocating for substance abuse programs. 




Born and raised amidst the cornfields of Iowa, David Kilian spent much of his time inside watching movies. Needless to say, he was and still is obsessed with movie making. After graduating from DePaul University with a degree in filmmaking, David made the move to Los Angeles, California, where he began working in post production at Whitehouse Post. When he realized he couldn’t possibly spend 15+ hours in a dark room with no windows seven days out of the week, he needed to figure out where his next home would be. This is where Get Reehl / Get Davis comes in. For the past year, David has been lucky enough to work alongside some of the most passionate and creative people he knows. When he’s not stalking the sales racks at Barney’s, you can find him playing alongside his many friends in advertising, helping to marry great work with great creators. Oh, and he tries to find time to exercise and play tennis when he can!